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May 05, 2010



Thanks so much for this. It finally worked. The crucial part on the instructions was putting the unit into firmware update mode by holding down the 'internet' switch then power for a few seconds. Before I did that the firmware never detected my data card.

Responding to those who say 3 is the only option, you do need to be careful and look first in profiles. Just type new settings over the old ones, then click 'Save'. If you go to the first option - Connection Settings - then you'll not be able to create the new profiles that you need.

Having said that, it may be due to some quirk of network here in Nigeria, but I've still not got either MTN or Glo to connect on my modem!

Mrs Joan Ledger

Hya and thankyou for the above info. I am having trouble getting on the internet with my spanish vodafone sim, it gets as far as saying the unlocked E5830 is connected and the wifi signal is being picked up by my laptop and ipad, but when I try to get on the internet it says the internet cannot be connected, any ideas please, have been trying for 2 weeks to get online.joan


having isssues with making a profile - all the username and other boxes are greyed out and cant change?

Eddie Farrell

Hi Paul,
Will these instructions work with the E585?


Joao Gaspar

i would like to know if this software unlock the Huawei E5830S modem.
Joao Gaspar

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